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You did what? November 8, 2007

Filed under: Lampworking — pyropagan @ 4:43 am

Early in the morning, right after I wake up… coffee in hand, blinking to clear the cross eyed morning stare, I think… A 3D snowman inside of clear. I’ve got to make that.  So, trusty Sharpie in hand, I write it on the tile of my torch bench (because of the excellent ventilation in this room, this is where hubby and I smoke- yes, I know I was supposed to be quitting.)- 3D snowman in clear, christmas tree, Santa doll. These are the ideas I have this morning. I should have more coffee before I Sharpie any inspirations down!

Later, I sit at my torch making cute little snowmen, one after the other, then slathering them with clear glass.  3 times… 4 times… The fifth! A winner!  On to the tree, and that turned out half decent the very first time. I went on to make a 3D ornament encased in clear, and then… a present.  No matter what you do, if you encase a cube of glass in a round of glass, the cube will not look like a cube no mo’. Fuhgeddaboudit.

Pictures later this week when I have more to photograph at one time! 🙂


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