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8 wheels, 2 feet. February 21, 2008

Tuesday night the school had a skate night at a local skating rink. Now, back in ‘the day’ (let’s say, ohhhhh, 20 years ago), I was one of the kids you saw racing around the middle, skating backwards around the others, dancing WHILE skating. Those days? Gone. I could barely stay on two feet for the first few rounds! A couple of laps later, I was getting back into it, more comfortable, and my shins had stopped burning. Then BAM! Hello hard floor and totally skinned knee under jeans. Ow. I made a few rounds with Lili, Colby and his friend Ricky were passing us every once in a while, and we had fun 🙂

Yesterday, the boy was home sick. Yay for being back at school! Next week, I’m scheduled to go in to Lili’s class because I’m her V.I.P. 😀 Cool! The teacher emailed me and said it was today, and I panicked- but we got that straight.. whew! She said to talk to the kids about my jewelry (they get to ‘interview’ me), and I said I’d bring in some of my more durable items 🙂

I finished another painting, this one’s my favorite so far! 😀 I’ve listed it on Etsy !

La Catrina’s Margarita

I’ve got beads, too, but they’ll be up tomorrow 🙂 Today I don’t feel like doing much of anything, it’s a very cold blah day, and I feel like I need a day off. Winter depression is dragging me down here at the end of the season, and I can’t get motivated for much of anything. Bah! 🙂

I’ll be back tomorrow to post bead pictures!


What an unusual day at the torch! February 19, 2008

I had a very weird day at the torch a couple of days ago, and ended up with some beads that, while they are still *me*, are new to me.  I’d gotten a floating sterling silver heart pendant from the hubby for Valentine’s day, and the design (mass marketed, I’d never try to translate a handcrafter’s silver into glass without permission!) was so neat that I looked at it and said… I have to make some of these out of glass.  So, I did 😀

Aren’t those just the neatest idea? I had a devil of a time getting them made, but hopefully if they’re well received, I’ll work on the technique so they go easier.  Whew!

Then, some more button flowers…

(just a thumbnail of that one.)

I got a new set of bright dotty calaveras made, and a button set with some silvered glass that I think looks rockin- I hope someone else thinks so too!

Saturday, we sat and watched movies at home after dropping the kids off at gramma & grampa’s house.  I took the time on the couch watching so-so artsy movies to paint, and came up with this for my second painting for sale (and it’s still listed, no one jumped on this one yet! :D).

La Catrina out for a lunch date in her pearls and roses!  I so enjoyed this one… already have a third sketched out to be painted after shipping gets done tomorrow. Today was President’s Day, no mail, so I didn’t get to send anything out.  So, mail tomorrow, little painting, getting some points on Club Penguin for the LiliBean 😀

Beads are on eBay, painting is on Etsy! 😀


A new fun thing… February 14, 2008

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Before I sit down at the torch to make beads, about 50 percent of the time, I’ve drawn out the beads I’d like to make.  Color schemes, designs, etc, all done in fine tip black Sharpie and colored pencils. The other night, I looked over at the book (it sits easel-like on one of the shelves beside me at the torch) and thought.. well, if I can draw them, maybe I can paint them?  So, my next trip to WalMart, I picked up an acrylic set and some flat panel canvases (and one stretched canvas in case I felt hoity-toity 🙂 ).  I pulled out the brushes I used to paint my papier mache sacred heart, and spent a day painting this:

I used some metallic paint markers to do the detail work, and I was so happy with how it turned out!  I listed it on Etsy, and it sold in an hour… What a shock!  I came home from my Valentine dinner with hubby to find it was already gone.  Shock, I tell you!

So, I think I’ll continue working on these.  I’ve got more canvases, and plenty of paint (though I did waste a ton of white on the first palette!), and a few ideas.  Yippee!  Something else to do 😀

I love to create… seeing the look on someone’s face when they see what I’ve made for them, or hearing from buyers that it was just what they’d hoped for.  Another way I can express myself is always welcome!  Now let’s see if my paintings will continue to be welcome 😀