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Perfection? Hardly! October 19, 2007

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Flaming Hot! asked us today to blog about perfecting your craft. This really applies to all my crafts, so it doesn’t just work for lampworking. PRACTICE! 🙂 Never saw that coming, did you? I’ve been lampworking for over 3 years (I can’t even remember when I started, I’m SO bad with dates!) and I’m far from perfect. As far as perfect goes, that’s so subjective. Perfect for whom? What might seem perfect for me (the asymmetrical woman) might be godawful ugly to someone else. I might technically have some dots on a bead perfectly spaced, but perfection? Nah. I don’t aspire to perfection anyway- I think it’s impossible! 🙂 I do as well as I can, and try to make it better the next time. That being said, let’s show you some of my old beads, and then some of my new ones!

One of my VERY first sets sold on eBay. Less than 3 months lampworking.

A recent eBay set, Tideland

Not only do your photography skills improve, hopefully you will agree, the rest does, too!

Auctions are ending in minutes, the kids are on the way home, and I’ve been working on the website revamp for three days. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Torch By Night redux!