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One of those ‘deals’… October 21, 2007

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Have you ever been to your favorite craft store (or even your not-so-favorite one) and found a deal you just COULDN’T pass up?  Even though you had NO idea what you were going to use it for?  Yeahhh… I had one of those last night.

We took the kids to Fort Wayne for the Gem & Mineral show (I was hoping for beads, but the premade jewelry and mineral displays reigned supreme), and while we were ‘all the way out there…’ well, we had to hit up a few of our other favorite places.  Texas Roadhouse being one of them, of course!  Poor Colby, the waitress dropped his HUGE steak, so he had to wait while we all ate, but his meal ended up being free 🙂  After gnoshing excellent beef (sorry, vegans, I’m a carnivore to the bone!), we went to the Oriental grocer to pick up some goodies.  After about a half an hour of ‘what is this? and this?’, which I don’t know if  offended or amused the grocer, we bought a few new things.  Across the street- JoAnn! Woo hoo!  The kids and Brian headed over to Tokens and Tickets to play games while I went looking for remnants for some new bags… no, I don’t NEED more fabric, but if I’m there… might as well check!  So, debit card in hot little hand, I went in.  Not much for remnants (that I could AFFORD.. what happened to cheap remnants? I might as well buy fat quarters instead.) but I decided to check out yarn. Not that I need any of THAT either.  I still have yarn from when we were first married and in New Mexico, over 13 years ago.  Well… you know that red tag?  I found them.  LOTS of them.  7.99 skeins of yarn for get this… $1.57.  Oh no.  And these aren’t run of the mill (pun intended) yarns, they’re JoAnn exclusive slubby, thick and thin roving, incredible novelty yarns.  Incredible novely- if you know me, you know that’s me! LOL  So I picked up some gorgeous fuchsia and sunshine yellow Ripple, blue and brown.. er, I forget the name, and gorgeous rainbow thick and thin.  All of these are in hanks, not balls.. argh.  How many? Well, about 30 hanks total.  Do I have patterns to knit with these? Well, I figured I could FIND some, with the power of the internet right at  hand.  Do you have any idea how long it takes to find a pattern for yarn that is THAT novelty? LOL  I have yet to find a good pattern for a super bulky thick and thin roving, for a sweater. I’m not wasting this gorgeous stuff on scarves, no way! I want to show it off, wear it, make it last.  So, here I am, looking for patterns instead of actually knitting. Gr.

On the other art front, I got my dichroic glass yesterday. I was informed of a great deal on dichro by Jeannette, at Rocio, who also makes some stellar silvered boutique glass, and I bought 4 different colors.  I’ve finally got the hang of dichro, I think:

Firefly Dawn

So I thought I’d buy more dichro to play with. Now that I have this fine sparkly coated glass in hand, I see that I was silly to only buy as much as I did for that price.  I’ve ordered more. Yippee!

So, that was my weekend, and now I’m all set up for more creating. Now I just need more IDEAS! 😀