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Keeping busy, and a question. October 8, 2007

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Today was a cleaning day! I’ve been trying to quit smoking, so I spent time around the house doing some deep cleaning-throwing away that REALLY needed to be done. We have a cluttered tiny house, and I ended up throwing out three trash bags of stuff just from the living room!

I have a question. I know most lampworkers are fascinated with fire, and love fire themes in just about anything- Flame on, my artistic sisters and brothers! So, a lot of us spend a lot of time making the ‘perfect’ flame on a bead. I found this to be my favorite design:


Now… a lot of beadmakers might say, WOW, I love that bead! But jewelry designers? Not as fascinated with beads with flame designs as the lampworkers are…LOL Though it’s an element, it doesn’t seem to be as popular as water beads, or sky. What do you think? Do we make fire beads for self satisfaction, or is there a market for it, too?