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The beadbutt reigns supreme November 12, 2007

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Since I’ve quit working a real J.O.B. (which was only for 6 months, actually), I’ve grown proportionally. Ugh! Time to get off the beadbutt and do some walking, so I went out today in the unseasonably warm weather (it’s 62 right now, and the norm is about 45 or so) and walked to the boat launch and back. I decided to extend the walk a little (ended up being around 3 miles, woo hoo!), because (this is going to sound weird!) I was really enjoying the music on my Palm, and the rain. Yep, walking in the rain, thunder, Tyler Bates’ 300 soundtrack and Evans Blue on my little earbuds (I hate earbuds. Have to get real headphones for the walking!). Loved every minute of it 🙂

Quite unexpectedly, I torched this morning. A friend posted a glass artist’s site, and I went to take a look- there was an hourglass, and all of a sudden I jumped up and fired up the kiln and concentrator. An idea hit me! Trial #1- broke the bead release. Same for trials 2-4. FINALLY I got one to round up, and realized the glass was MUCH too thick to be an elegant hourglass. Next… well, it was better 🙂 I decorated it and put it in the kiln… figured while I was there, I should make something else. When I have nothing else in my head, what do I make? Calaveras. So, 11 skully beads later, I was hungry and ready to go for a walk. Put new tunes on my Palm (had to format the card, so putting 118MB of music on at once… I ate while it was transferring ;), got dressed for stormy weather and hit the road.

Beautiful outside, honestly. I love the rain, and rain in autumn is stunning. I hardly used my umbrella 🙂