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eBay is killing the small seller. January 31, 2008

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New fees, yay. They’re upping the ante on the final value fee, from 5.25% (plus more if you sell an item over $25), to 8.75% plus 3.5% over $25. I’m going to slowly phase out my eBay postings and switch more to Etsy and my website. I’ll be posting here when I have new specials and new items on Etsy, so make sure to subscribe if you’re a bidder/buyer! 🙂

Wish me luck with the sales change… things are slow enough right now that this change will be difficult, but I hope my buyers and bidders will follow me to the new venues 🙂


Presenting your work to the world October 11, 2007

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Flaming Hot! submitted this subject today, and I had to think about it for a while.  After the beads are clean, dry and ready to go to a new home (for a small adoption fee 😉 ), how does it happen?  My husband, Brian, says that I don’t factor in enough labor when I start my prices for auction or sale, because I don’t add in the time it takes for stringing, photo taking, photo editing, HTML editing, and auction listing.  I say that’s a different area, it’s marketing, but… if I have to pay myself for marketing, he’s right, I suppose 🙂  After beads are dry and clean, I pack it all up and head over to the cabin. It’s the only place I have a window that faces the sun, and I can play my music as loud as I like over there! 🙂  Beads in hand, I pick out spacers or decide on no spacers (I have a lot of glass left over from jewelrymaking, but I don’t have everything I need for this anymore) and string the sets. Sometimes I cull a bead or two, if they’re not an odd number (even set beads, one focal), or if there are just some I don’t like.  The beads are then carefully arranged on white paper, and the camera’s set up for the best exposure and white balance I can get.  After pics are taken, a couple of hours go into editing the photos (removing backgrounds, sharpening a titch, adding measurement text to the pic).  HTML comes in when I add them to my website, and I copy over the text from there to eBay’s TurboLister.  Once everything’s listed, I still have to get some more marketing out of the way, and post in a couple of discussion groups that I’ve listed, and then send out an email to my mailing list.  (want to join it?  Email me at and I’ll add you!).  Sometimes this is an all day job, especially when there are several sets.  I’m tired just thinking about it!

Today, only one full cigarette all day, combined.  I spent most of the day finishing up an afghan that I’d started sewing together.  It’s BRIGHT, full of eyelash yarn and chenilles, sooooo soft!  I have 1/2 of the last row of edging to do, then I’m off to bed 😀

Father in law will be bringing my tank of propane back tomorrow evening, YAY!  I’m looking forward to torching Saturday! I was making some COOL beadies when that tank went dry….

Thank you to everyone who sent compliments on my nicho!!  I LOVED hearing all you had to say!