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Out? Of fuel? Oh nooooo… October 10, 2007

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Well, I managed to get lots of cane and murrini pulled for the set I had planned in my head today, then… fizzle. Torch goes dead. I have managed, in a year, to deplete two 100 pound tanks of propane! So, for about a week, I’m without fuel. *crying* What on earth am I going to do with my time? Knit, probably 🙂 But today… I put my Nicho up! Let me know what you think! Or.. go bid, I need to refill my propane tanks. 😉 LOL!

Corazon Sagrado Nicho

Sacred Heart Nicho, Corazon Sagrado Nicho, Mexican inspired folk art

This was inspired by talavera tiles, Mexican folk art, religious art, etc, etc. It’s papier mache, polymer clay, lots of acrylic paints, and one of my very owwwwwwn sacred heart beads 🙂

the bead in the nicho's focus

I’ve been making these beads for a couple of years, and vessels in the same design, but this one worried me to list- is papier mache not arty enough to be art? Is it too ‘kiddy’? I so enjoyed making this, and though art is art for art’s sake, I put a lot of work into this and I hope the auction price rises a bit. If not, so be it. I enjoyed making it, immensely!

See you in a few days- I’m going to knit! If you can’t burn it.. weave it. 🙂