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Venturing out February 10, 2008

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Without the kids, on a Saturday! Yippeeee!  Hubby today told me to get ready to go pre-noon, because we were going out.  Out? On a Saturday?  Wow!  So, we got in the car and headed to Huntington to Homier… to pick up bandages.  Best bandages in the world, I tell you.  100 fabric bandages for a BUCK!  Anyway, once we were there and picking around- it’s mostly a tool store, but they import a lot of trivial trinkets, geegaws and gimcrack- I found the most perfect storage table.  3 wire baskets, 3 shelves with a glass door- and all my yarn fits in it 🙂  For 20 bucks, I couldn’t pass it by, so it came home with us 😀

yarn stash storage

Hubby says it looks like a store 😉  I have my knitting needles in a vase and the double pointed needles in a glass curio jar, and I have to figure out what to do with my circulars.  They’re a mess!  So, after buying THE table, we stopped at the pet store and picked up bunny vitamins, then off to dinner at Market Street Grill in Wabash.  Crawfish bisque, SO good, Caesar salad, bread, and I was so full by the time the actual dinner came that I ate one shrimp and put the rest in a to-go box 🙂  Sooooo yummy!

Nothing on the glass front today, I’ll be back to work on that in a day or two.  In the meantime, here’s a GORGEOUS Etsy listing from Fr3d. She iz teh r0ckerz!! You can click the pic to go to the listing 🙂

Back in a couple of days- I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!