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Re-appropriated February 7, 2008

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Artists will try using ANYTHING in their art.  Now, glass artists might not use plastic or anything of that sort, but if you put something metal in front of us, I bet you that we can figure out how to use it with our glass 🙂  I have tools that you wouldn’t ever associate with lampworking in my glass room, and even if you saw them, you might have to ask what the heck I use them for!  I have an aluminum block that was once a wire bending jig for wired jewelry- it now holds my dipped mandrels.  I have a tiling adhesive type trowel attached to a ‘third hand’ base for leveling out beads- the serrated edge holds a mandrel just right for me to rotate it and round out hot glass.  Butter knives, tongue piercing hemostats, sugar tongs, stainless steel chopsticks, a magnetic knife strip, auto body dollies, cute little brass molding hardware… I love going to Home Depot and Lowe’s as much as hubby does.  Never know what you’ll run across and think.. You know, I could do THIS with THAT!

So, here’s what I photographed today- the first two photos are prize beads for a Mardi Gras thread I posted in The Glass Haven.  The third is up on eBay (and I put two new focals in the Etsy store 🙂 ).    That’s enough photo hogging for the day! 🙂

So there we are for the day!  I did no torching today, instead opting to play with my new gorgeous yarn and work on mitered squares (my first), and catching up on LOLcat posts.  🙂  Tomorrow’s looking like there will be no school, so I may hide and torch for a couple of hours while the kids watch a movie 😀  Bad mommy…