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She’s a bad girl. November 2, 2007

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I’ll have photos of her tomorrow, but today, I’m done with her!  I spent the day wiring up two new glass dolls.  Why does it take so long to wire up 8-12 beads into a complete form? I have no idea, but boy howdy, these dolls are time consuming!  Today I made a mermaid with the biggest beehive you’ve ever seen and a bad, bad, evil devil girl.  Cloven hooves and all 😉  I even made a tiny chain flogger/cat-o’-nine-tails for her!  The mermaid carries a golden polymer clay and glass bead trident (very girly, it’s curly!), and I’m thinking of making a pearl and aquamarine necklace for her before photos go up.

So, this was my day, and boring as it was, I pledged to post a blog every day this month for NaBloPoMo!  Tomorrow, photos of the dollies… IF I can get some free time from the kids! 😀